Flash: ON   October 27, 2016 

Greetings from Pastor Dan:

Hi, and thanks for checking out our web site.  Welcome to your Saturday Night Church Service.  Yep -- that's our niche!

We are excited about the good things happening at NorthPointe. Sundays aren't best for everyone.  We have our primary gathering on Saturday nights -- and perhaps you should too?

Our reasons are simple and practical.  Nothing radical or reactive here.  Just simply some folks in the area who desire a Saturday night tempo and want to reach out to others who desire the same.

Our services are alive, creative and relevant.  Our messages are more a converstation than a lecture.  And you will learn from and about the Bible in ways you can understand and relate to.

It is our hope you will discover what we have discovered at NorthPointe -- That God can enable people to genuinely Live, Love & Leave a Legacy of His Love!

We hope you'll find NorthPointe a place to connect. A place to truly understand Life, both earthly and eternal. A place to find or re-discover a Loving, caring & sharing lifestyle among people just like that.

Furthermore, we hope you'll consider with us just what
Legacy you will leave for your family, and/or community and world.  If you summarize best in one phrase who we are -- our Legacy is being a Family of families!  We'd be honored for you to see for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read this note of greeting!  I hope you can take some additional moments & enjoy some of the other pages on our site.

Please -- feel free to contact me any time at: PastorDan@NorthPointeCC.com

Or call: (740) 803-3612(740) 803-3612

Seeking His Legacy,

"pd" (Pastor Dan)

Ephesians 5:2


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